Why I hate living on a budget

Hello, fellow reader. Glad to have you back!

I finished a bible today:

Bernhard Roetzel – DER GENTLEMAN – Handbuch der klassischen Herrenmode

(“THE GENTLEMAN – Handbook of classic men’s fashion”)

And I want to tell you a few things about this bible:

A while ago, I got this as a gift from my wife. And I am very thankful for it. It’s a big and heavy book, it looks decent but seems to bring “style” straight on point. Looking like being clothed in pinstripe, it has a nice cover. You know what you got, once you hold it in your hands.

The author, Bernhard Roetzel, dives deep into the does and don’ts of classic style. He opens eyes when it comes to english outdoor suits, the origin of the Chino or recommends the best tailors for shirts and ties.

I loved reading the book. It helped a lot. Compared to popular sites like Instagram or Pinterest, this book goes into great detail. Like, why a certain knot is better suited for a certain kind of collar. Or how a handmade shoe is made. Or what a seven-fold-silktie is and what makes her so special…

Bernhard Roetzel goes a great length to show the reader the world of style, understatement, classics and basics. And he does an awesome job.


The cover text asks “Does clothing define a Gentleman?”

The real question should be “Does money define a Gentleman?”

Because this is my biggest issue with this book (as with many others): The costs.

Yes, a good shoe should cost 400€ and more. But Bernhard never mentions a cheap alternative for all of us, who want to dress more stylish but can’t afford the Hermés tie or the suit from the Brooks Brothers.

Sure, we all shall strive for the goal to be able to afford things like that. But shall we dress as Justin Bieber on our way to glory? I know Bernhard Roetzel shows us the pinnacle of what money can buy. And I respect his work. But when he refers to a classic luggage for a weekend (Weekender, Keepall) he talks about Vuitton, Asprey & Gerrard or Samsonite. And I’m sitting here and I am missing the Wenger Patriot, who is reasonable priced and the Must Have for every Business Trip:
Wenger Patriot II

Or how about a Weekender from H&M?

H&M – Weenend Bag

Sure, it’s not Gucci, Vuitton, or handmade by a designer in Milano. But it’s affordable. And a good start…

There is a way for all of us to look stylish and decent. Even without spending fortunes. I’m sure you all, like me, want to wear an expensive watch. And we most likely will one day. But till then we will buy a good looking CASIO or CITIZEN.

Still: I can only recomend the book! Go get it!

By the way: There is a new version out there:

Check it out!


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