Taste in cars

If asked for my favorite car company, I’d answer: “BMW.”Not proud, not ashamed either. Just a matter of fact.

For me it’s like being asked for my favorite color. I haven’t chosen it. It just is.

And same goes for cars.

Don’t ask me, why I choose BMW before Audi. I cant explain.

Audi has a stylish front (big vent, diamond shaped, the rings are awesome). The headlights look amazing, the new indicators (who “fill up” like a loading bar) are the most german thing I’ve ever seen on a car.

Just imagine the guys from Audi in their workshop.

The chief designer steps into the room and introduces a new colleague to the fellow engineers.

“Hey guys, this is Wolfgang. His job is to make the indicators look cool.”

“Hi Wolfgang!”

And Wolfgang is paid for making the indicators blow peoples minds…

And it worked.

Audi does amazing things. And the cars look great! Most of them…

I like Audi. I respect Audi.

But when all is said and done…

I’d take a bloody BMW.


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