A man’s best friend (but not a landlord’s)

Welcome, ladies and gentleman.
This article could also listen to the title “why it’s hard to live on a budget if you own a dog”.

First things first: My wife and I want to move to a new city. And we own dogs. Two of them. It’s not a big breed, but not a pocketful either. Size doesn’t matter anyway.

We have rented our apartment. And we plan to do so with the next. It’s not, that we have no money. It’s not that we look for anything cheap. But the city we are looking in is very expensive. So building is no option (you may afford to build the house… but you need a ground to build on as well. And that’s where the big bucks come into play).

Buying a house or a apartment sounds easier than it is. Who guarantees, that I like the neighborhood? What, if the apartment is rubbish?

So we decided to look for a place to rent. Again.

And I could cry if I count the times, where we were put down because we own dogs.
“Great place to live! Garden, ground floor, everything is perfect!”

“Are dogs allowed?”

“How many? What size?”

“Does it matter?”

“Not really, not allowed anyway. Sorry.”
So… ?

We continue our search.

We don’t give up.


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