The bulge in your pants

Ah – no. Not what you’re thinking of.I meant: Your wallet.

Most guys (like me) have exactly one wallet. A big one. With everything in it, what’s needed in case of… err… every situation. ID card, credit card, IKEA family card, the-card-from-the-company-you-can’t-remember-but-you-liked-the-look, heck, even the stamp collection card from your barber.

Add a bunch of coins and a handful of notes, three dozen receipts…

There you have it: A big fat bloated wallet. And now don’t tell me, it’s overly comfy to sit on it. It’s not. And it looks ridiculous. You worked your ass off (maybe) to get in decent shape. You wear trousers that compliment your body. You look sharp and fit and… wait… what’s that huuuuge bulge on your buttock? Oh… it’s your enormous wallet.

Doens’t sound sexy? Yeah, because it’s not.

So you have two options:

1. Place it in your inside pocket of a blazer, coat, jacket. Better there than in your pants.

2. Get rid of it.

What? No more wallet?

Nah. But try to figure out, what you really need, and what’s unnecessary ballast.

Colibri Wallet
I tried this wallet. It’s not very expesive. And I’ll give it a try. What’s so special?

It has a seperate etui for credit cards and notes. No coins. No nonsens.

So… when I just plan to go to dinner with colleagues or my wife, I just place my credit card and some €-notes in my etui and take it with me.

I don’t go to IKEA or to my hairdresser. So: I don’t need these cards. I leave them in the “normal” wallet.

The little etui goes in my pocket.

No more looking ridiculous 😉

Go ahead – try it out. I can only recommend!


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