Product review: The BOSS Ambassador

bearbeitetAh, my favorite watch so far.

What defines good watch? It’s one that compliments your style, outfit and (maybe most important) your physical appearance.

As a small person, it is very important, that your watch isn’t oversized. It will look childish and inappropriate. Everyone with a hint of taste will see that it doesn’t fit.

As I was on the lookout for a watch with a dark brown wristband, a dark background and a silver/chrome/steel case. I wear mostly silver or steel juwelry, and my new favorite watch was supposed to fit to that style. So I came across the BOSS Ambassador.

The hours 12, 3, 6 and 9 are in roman letters, they’re all in the colour of copper. The watch hands are easy to read. The date is shown in a small window at the bottom.

The crown is ornated with an imprint of BOSS (a nice detail if you ask me).

With a size of 44mm in diameter it fits even a very small wrist (mine is 17 cm in perimeter). And im very glad to tell you, that it’s fitting. Barely, but it does.

I love it.

It’s on sale on amazon right now!

BOSS Ambassador


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