Product Review: BOSS Kranto2 Leather Gloves

Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to another product review.Lately I watched some YouTube-videos from AlphaM (Link) and most recently I watched his summary of the best fashion accessoires you should get for winter.

A major part of this list were leather gloves.

And this is where I really had some luck!

Back in fall 2014, I was looking for a pair of gloves and since I had no idea where to look, I asked a (female) colleague. She was clueless, too. But she suggested a well known store.

So I went off and paid that said store a visit. In fact, they had gloves. Not only that, they had gloves from all the big brands. In colors ranging from red to light brown over deep brown to black.

And there they were.

Lying in a corner, living the life of a typical pair of gloves.

I have small hands. Theres no way to deny. My wrists are small, my hands are fragile. My mother used to call my hands “piano hands”.

But these gloves!


Size S fits like… well… like a glove. Enough space so it doesn’t feel tight. Tight enough to pick something up.

Sure, the original price was hot – They’re sold for 80 € on amazon.

BOSS Kranto2 Leather Gloves
But I was lucky that day. All gloves were sold for 20 €!

Sadly though, this was the only pair that fitted and found my liking.

But still – since I own this pair? Whenever temperature drops around 0, they’re on my side. They keep surprisingly warm for being not overly thick. Sure, once temperatures drop below zero, you get cold fingers. This isn’t a pair of gloves you’d choose for an expedition to the north pole.

But getting in the car in the morning, when it’s cold, chilly, maybe snow on the roof?

These fellows will keep you warm enough.

And they look: pure stylish.


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