4 stylish things you need for a harsh winter. 

Welcome, ladies and gentleman.I don’t live in California. Like most of you. Those who do: I envy you. Your closet is so much easier!

For the rest of us: Winter is coming. And with it the need to protect yourself against wind, rain, snow and fashion no-go’s.

Since the budget is limited, like the space in our closet, we have to cut the list down to the most basic, but most stylish things you HAVE to have this winter:

1. The gloves

It doesn’t matter if you have some. Get rid of those Thinsulate-gloves you wear while skiing. You are not on a track and they look childish. Don’t run around as if your mother had laid out your clothes so you don’t get cold. Get a pair of sexy leather gloves, like those I mentioned in my last blog: BOSS Kranto2. But any leather glove will do. It’s up to you: black gloves are a thing, brown is my favorite, tan is a bit more sporty. Cotton or wool on the inside? I like it. Keeps you warm. How much? You can strike a bargain and get them for 20€. But around 60€ is still a good price.

2. The scarf

As the wind blows and the rain comes, you better protect your neck: Wrap a scarf around it. Here you can choose whatever you want: colorful is more sporty. Checkered is pretty stylish but can look oldschool. Try those tan scarfs with red and brown lines. They’re a timless piece. Keep it simple? Go with a black scarf. That works even for business. Avoid loops, thick wool, or overly modern patterns. It doesn’t work with a classy outfit. Price? Don’t go broke here. You should find your piece around 20-30€.

3. The coat 

Coat? Heck, yeah! Get yourself a coat. Here’s what you should keep an eye on:

Not too long. Make sure the coat covers your knees, but it shouldn’t be longer than your calves. A coat the covers your ankles looks like you came out of a trench in WW2. We don’t want that.

Shoulders. If they’re too broad it makes you look like you have a coat hanger still in it. Too small… well… don’t.

Around the waist. Or… your belly? When the buttons begin to stretch, you look heavy and everything but classy and cool. It should sit comfy around your midst.

Perfect example: H&M hat a coat for 100€ during the fall of 2015. Black, grey and tan. Fits the slim man. It was featured in the Beckham-Line. Sold out? I’ve seen a similar coat from S.Oliver. Sadly it was 160€.

4. The boots 

On it’s way through your body, the blood has to travel a long way to your hands and feet. That’s why those get cold so easily. Don’t want cold feet? They you should invest in a solid pair of boots.

Snow, rain, puddles, mud… your shoes are in contact with the elements the winter throws against you. And they should be capable of taking the blows. Thick sole, lined with wool, over the ankles, easy to clean. Leather is a pretty tough son-of-a-gun. Brown leather boots can suffer a lot of pain. And if they’re treated carefully, they last half a lifetime. But this comes with a hefty pricetag: A good pair of boots can easily cost 150€. You better spend 200 and make sure it’s not only fashion.

Forget those Timbalands, heck, check out these boots:

Harley Davidson Darnel Boots

-BAM- rock-solid, stylish AND … damn, can it be any cooler than Harley-Davidson? Even the price can’t be beaten.

Now, go out and enjoy the winter!


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