Should I switch to Apple?

Welcome, ladies and gentleman.Today it’s time to discuss another more technical term. For everyone of us, there are a few technical gadets, we all own and use on a more-or-less daily basis. As I have discribed earlier, there are a handful of devices every gentleman should own.

One of these is a laptop. And here my personal struggle begins.

I’m a PC-user. I’ve always been. But chances are, I no longer will be. After getting rid of all my old equipment, it’s time to buy something new. Here are my top priorities:

1. Mobility

I don’t want a stationary device. I want to take it with me, whenever I travel, work, or move around in the house. I’m aware that mobility comes with a price: the price and/or the power. If you want a system with helluva punch, you have to dive deep in your pockets. Or you have to live with the fact, that your device simply isn’t the fastest horse in the stable. I happily trade power for mobility. If I’m on a trip to sweden with my wife and my dogs, and my wife poses while one of my dog balances a ball on its nose and the other one starts chasing his tail and my SD-card is full… to hell with my gaming-rig in my gaming-room at home… never mind. Silly example. But you get my meaning.

2. Practicality

I own an iPad. And where it’s limits are reached I want another device to take over: printing, editing holiday-pictures, accessing my network-attached-storage, using a keyboard for writing, and so on. I would gladly plug in things like my DSLR to access the pictures, or at least plug in the SD-Card. Perhaps using a gamepad could come handy. It’s a USB-device. Were’s the problem? The day I write this, USB-C is storming the front. I already had a phone with USB-C (Lumia 950) and a lot of devices will rely on this port-standard in the future. Even Apple!

3. Gaming

Yes, I think I’m going to play a game or two. No, I don’t need high-end-graphics. In case of emergency, I was always going back to a lower resolution to make the game smoother. So my requirements are pretty low. The gamepad. See point 2 and 5.

4. Style

As goes for everything I’m deciding to own, I want this piece of metal (or plastic) to look good. Why? Because it’s going to have a place in my life. And perhaps I don’t want a chunky piece of plastic to ruin the asthetics of my living room. Luckily, most brands have seen this trend and nearly all devices are looking fine. I like the design of ASUS Zenbooks, for example. Whereas a Lenove Thinkpad is a brick…
What else comes to consideration? The following thoughts are not prioritized but just something that I chew on.

– Software

We live in interesting times! Where the USB-C port makes it more difficult to connect old hardware, the cloud-technologies open up more possiblities. Years ago, I would have ruled out every Apple-device from consideration because of the simple fact, that I wouldn’t get the same software for Apple that I get for Windows.

Where this statement still remains true (as far as I’m informed), it’s growing more and more insignificant. For example: Microsoft is not only programming Office for Macs, their “Mobile First” strategy brought Office to the cloud. And with Office 365, it doesn’t matter what OS I have. It only matters, what I want. Perfect. Same goes for so much other software. Even games. Steam is available for apple. And with Steam, you get a ton of games to play. Even though not every game might be available for Mac (more like: most of the games aren’t) I’d bet my bum, that most of the big titles are. And even if not: Gaming isn’t my highest priority.

Adobe products or web-based software… the OS doesn’t matter anymore.
– Operating system

And this is where we really should spend some time thinking, practicing and considering.

Windows 10 is good. It is. No arguing. I like the design. Most of it. It runs fluid, is easily installed and I instantly felt “at home”.

Linux… okay, you’ve got to like it. I once used Ubuntu for a short period of time. While the system wasn’t exactly bad, it wasn’t easy to use as a former windows-user. Installing software? Downloading and starting a .exe file?

So if I can rule anything out, it’s Linux.

Leaves MacOS in the game. And here it get’s tricky. I never “used” it. I fiddled about it, played with a Mac in a store. But I’ve never spent more than 30 minutes on a Mac. How am I supposed to know if that’s right for me?

Sooooo, I do what I have to do: I’ll go into a Tech-store and play around a little bit more. See, if I an grow accustomed to Mac or if the operating system narrows the coices down.

I’ll keep you posted.

Leave your comments. I’ll happily discuss these thoughts with you  


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