Into the woods, properly dressed.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.

Every guy wants to be dressed sharp and classy. And wearing chinos and blue shirts is always a safe bet. But for men who do more than just look good but live the life of a real man, theres a tiny problem: Getting dirty. On occasions where things get rough, you need an outfit, that goes that road with you.

As a dog owner I’m out in the woods very often. And my dogs are always looking for the dirtiest puddles. They’re messy. This isn’t the kind of environment you’re wearing your chinos in.


Instead it’s where you want to pull on a good pair of solid boots. I recommend Doc Martens or Harley Davidsons.

Dark blue jeans and a thick grey jacket complete the outer layer pretty much.

A thick sweater and a scarf keep you warm. Even if the weather gets pretty harsh.
No need to point out that I love my gloves, eh? I wouldn’t leave the house without them.

What’s your outdoor dress? What makes your outdoor dress classy?


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