A gentlemans drink

Welcome, ladies and gentleman.
I was asked, what kind of drinks I would recommend for a gentleman. What a difficult question! Everyone has a different taste. And even though I don’t like Gin or Rum, I don’t blame people, who do.
I prefer Whisky.

There are so many differnt kinds of Whisky, it’s pretty hard to name them all.
I for one fell in love with Single Malt Scotch Whiskys.

The most affordable, yet awesome tasting brands (in my opinion) are

  1. LAGAVULIN (around 60 €)
  2. TALISKER (around 45 €)
  3. GLENFIDDICH (around 35 €)

Note, that the Lagavulin has a very strong salt note. I use to say, that he tastes like a burnt log dragged fresh out of the fire. Yummy.

Leave a comment about your favorite whisky. What do you say when toasting? We say: “Prosit!” or “Prost!”


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