BOSS Office Alpha by SharpMensStyle

BOSS Office Alpha by SharpMensStyle

Welcome, ladies and gentleman. 
Sir, you haven’t come all the way to let this slip, have you? No, you haven’t. You’ve come here to nail it. You’ve come here to show, that you’re a man standing up for something. You are serious. Time for jokes is over. Let the boys play while you’re shaping the world. 
At least, that’s what your outfit should suggest. 
Yeah, I know. I’m a fashion victim. Especially when it comes to BOSS. I have a thing for this brand. Timeless. Classic. They nail understatement and sharpness to the point.  
(too bad I haven’t found a good picture for a BOSS pants, but this placeholder looks quite as good and costs a LOT less). 
A few words to this outfit. 
1. Dark blue is always a safe bet if you want a colored suit. Alternative: Dark grey. 
2. A plain white shirt with cuffs – you can’t have enough of them. Cuff links are a statement. They’re a compliment and can add that “subtle extra color”. 
3. Tie bars aren’t everyones favorite. I love them. But they’re not essential. As with cuff links, tie bars can add some extra color, just try to avoid mixing too much different colors. 
4. Silk tie. Nothing wrong with it. I’ve chosen silver stripes, since this outfit’s metal pieces are all silver. Try to match them whenever you can. Exception: Wedding ring. 
5. The watch and bracelet. This is where you can complete the leather set of shoes, belt and jewelry.

Topman mens skinny suit pants
€56 –

BOSS Hugo Boss mens slim fit outerwear
€565 –

BOSS Hugo Boss mens white cotton shirt
€140 –

BOSS Hugo Boss tie
€120 –

BOSS Hugo Boss mens brown leather belt
€110 –

BOSS Hugo Boss cuff link
€100 –

HUGO tie accessory
€76 –

Tateossian mens engravable leather bracelet
€195 –


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