Tommy’s Smart Casual by SharpMensStyle

Tommy's Smart Casual by SharpMensStyle
This set was inspired by a friend of mine, who always looks just on point. I took notice, that his favorite brand for casual outfits was Tommy Hilfiger. So I searched around and was surprised, how easy it is to find nice clothing that doesn’t bang around but sets your outfit straight and makes you look… smart.
The fact, that Tommy Hilfiger delivers all kinds of fashion made it quite easy to do a (nearly complete) set. I know there is Tommy Eyewear out there. Maybe I would have taken a model from that brand. But hey – RayBan – nothing wrong with that.
My tips for this outfit:
1. Make sure, that trousers and sweater fit.
2. I combined the metal watch with two fabric bracelets in matching colors. Not your thing? Go for a steel bracelet then. Just not too thick. This is a smart outfit – not a bad boy one. 😉
3. The red sweater is quite loud. If bright red isn’t your thing, dark red could safe the day. 

What’s your opinion? 

Mens zipper pants
€59 –

Tommy Hilfiger mens vneck sweater
€100 –

Rockport mens cap toe dress shoes
€120 –

Tommy Hilfiger mens blue watch
€105 –

Ray-Ban mens wayfarer sunglasses
€130 –

Tommy Hilfiger mens print shirt
€28 –

Tommy Hilfiger men s wallet
€29 –

Rastaclat mens woven bracelet
€14 –

Rastaclat mens woven bracelet
€14 –


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