Stripes and Style by SharpMensStyle

Stripes and Style by SharpMensStyle

Welcome ladies and gentleman,

this is another set of awesome clothing. This time, it all revolves around that amazing striped vest. Truly an eye-catcher. And since I’ve seen far too little monks as the footwear of choice, I felt like they’d go with the vest just perfectly.

This outfit is a bit more loud. It shouts. So you can rest assured, that big belt buckles and excessive accessoires won’t hurt.

What’s your opinion? Too much? Or is there never such a thing as „too much“? 

Mens vest
€7,76 –

O’Keeffe mens monk strap shoes
€470 –

Akribos XXIV mens watch
€56 –

Stone Rose mens button up shirt
€75 –

Salvatore Ferragamo mens brown belt
€225 –

Mens ring
€230 –

Alexander McQueen mens skull ring
€290 –

Mens bead bracelet
€75 –

Mens bracelet
€32 –


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