The Meeting Dress by SharpMensStyle

The Meeting Dress by SharpMensStyle

The Meeting Dress
Skyscrapers, expensive cars, dapper suits and low-key luxery. Nothing too fancy.

You have an important business meeting. Time to prove, you’re serious. Don’t try to impress your partner other than by your alpha attitude.

The suit: Dark grey. The darker, the better, but not black. White shirt is obligatory. Tune it with a colorful tie. In business, decent patterns are well suited.

Keep your overall-appearance very classy. This is business. Ray-Ban Jasons for example: thanks to the matte finish, they’re perfekt.

Even more low-key? Movado Museum. Dark, darker, simple, low-key to the max.

Take your equipment with you in a proper bag. No Nike-sportsbag, no army-backpack. Leather, classy. Now go and win the day!
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BOSS Hugo Boss mens fitted suit
€570 –

Calvin Klein mens black shoes
€82 –

Movado mens watch
€1.265 –

Ray-Ban ray ban mens sunglasses
€150 –

BOSS Hugo Boss mens white shirt
€75 –

HUGO mens leather belt
€62 –

Moshi men s tech accessory
€42 –

Nautica tie
€25 –

Tech accessory


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