BOSS and BMW by SharpMensStyle

BOSS and BMW by SharpMensStyle

BOSS and BMW by SharpMensStyle
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
Have you ever wondered, who that guy was? Driving from or to his meeting? Looking flawless while driving his BMW? In his blue suit, red tie, black accessoires I arranged a marriage between BMW and BOSS, because I think they belong together. I would suggest a TAG Heuer watch… but in this case I sticked to a BOSS, to make the set complete. The red tie adds a crisp contrast to the otherwise blue/black outfit. Note, that it’s not a Ray-Ban this time. But also BOSS eyewear.

He knows, what he does. He excels under pressure. He might not yet be at the top, but – boy – he is on a run for it.
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BOSS Hugo Boss mens blue suit
€420 –

Mens black dress shoes
€160 –

BOSS Hugo Boss mens chronograph watch
€400 –

BOSS Hugo Boss mens aviator sunglasses
€270 –

BOSS Hugo Boss mens white shirt
€76 –

BOSS Hugo Boss mens tie
€125 –

BOSS Hugo Boss men s belt
€63 –

BOSS Hugo Boss cuff link
€95 –

BOSS Hugo Boss tie accessory
€83 –


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